Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is a new dynamic in production resource organisation. The target is to start up a number of ‘smart factories’ which are more able to adapt to production requirements and which allocate resources with greater efficiency.

Electronic Circuit Design

Electronic circuits designed to order, MPLAB, manufacture and start-up.


Electrical Engineering and IT

Global development of EPLAN P8 electrical projects, start-up, electrical maintenance, IT systems, assembly and repair of computers, maintenance of databases and updates in IT developments, Big Data.


Construction of Control Cabinets

Manufacture of cabinets, control desks, control centres, articulated arms for control, installation and start-up.


Machine Supervision and Control

Creation of SCADA software for Wonderware, Siemens, Omron. Registered Wonderware Installers: Intouch Products, Application Server, Historian. SCADA software written to order, .NET proprietary systems.


Facility Maintenance

Our staff are qualified to provide all kinds of electrical, mechanical, electronic or IT services.


Big Data

We work with the latest Industry 4.0 technologies.


Development of Industrial Software /h3>

Our IT teams develop customised applications for our customers using a range of different programming technologies.



We march at the pace of industry, providing the latest developments and the most cutting-edge technologies.


Technical Support

We offer a Technical Support Service to our customers to try to help solve any incidents as quickly as possible.

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