19 January, 2023
Nueva linea de tratamiento supercial en Durango, con grúa automática, AGV para llevar los rollos entre las plantas, trazabilidad, captura de datos e informes.

New line of treatment

New surface treatment line in Durango, with automatic crane, AGV to transport rolls between plants, traceability, data capture and reports.
6 June, 2018
GBM foto noticia cambio de procesos

Process Change

Process changes in two surface treatment lines, with upgrades to communications and IT Systems centred on Industry 4.0 in the Spanish province of Cantabria.
6 June, 2018
GBM foto noticia remodelación de infraestructuras

Infrastructure Remodelling

Infrastructure remodelling for industrial communications in Miranda de Ebro to adapt it to BIG DATA and Industry 4.0.
6 June, 2018
GBM fotografía de noticia SMC

Development and Launch of SMC Line

Development and launch of an SMC line employing innovative technology for the automation sector in the Biscay Region, with real-time data capture and data analysis that […]